corey the source trainer

Corey Hinshaw

Corey is our amazing trainer here at the Source. He is a Certified Personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, with a degree in Exercise Science. Corey has been at the Source since the summer of 2014, and loves to work with individuals in a one-on-one setting, or in a small group or bootcamp style. His specialties cover a broad base, including: injury specific recovery and rehabilitation, post-physical therapy exercise, targeted weight loss and management, sport or event specific conditioning, and mobility and range of motion improvement. Or if you are simply trying to get a thorough understanding of both weighted resistance and cardiovascular exercise and equipment, Corey can help you establish a maintainable routine. He feels that there is no quick fit, “one size fits all” mentality to exercise, but rather take the time to understand the person’s background, goals, and preferences so that training both effective and enjoyable. On his own time, Corey loves to go backpacking, trail running, and to get up in the mountains with his wife and dog. If you have any questions or would like to get ahold of him, you can contact Corey at: (406) 381-2745 or email Corey today.

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