Playing in college sports and the NFL allowed Dallas Neil many opportunities to exercise in different environments. It sparked a desire to create an atmosphere where working out wasn’t just about comparing peak performance or appearance, but about individuals encouraging each other to reach their individual best. Christy Neil is a certified Personal Trainer who found joy in working out when it became about taking care of herself and not aiming to look like the cover of a magazine. Her own journey led her to put away the ideas of what we are supposed to look like or perform like and embrace being healthy. Christy’s passion is to encourage others to be their personal best!

The Source was founded in March of 2014 with a vision of creating a place that wasn’t just about reaching external goals, but becoming better individuals and growing in community. We continually work to keep our atmosphere one that is non-intimidating, but encourages our members to reach a healthier lifestyle. We are encouraged by the many members who have already benefited from this vision and have seen that ultimately “Change Begins Inside.

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